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Buy New Zealand Made

Buy New Zealand Made

Wireplus Ltd are proud to be members of the Buy New Zealand Made campaign.

Our Reinforcing Mesh and Nails are manufactured right here in New Zealand

We purchase our wire from Pacific Steel whose products are made from 100% locally sourced recycled steel and metal including discarded car bodies

When you buy a New Zealand produced product or service, you’re helping to create jobs, promote growth. As every cricketer knows, a run saved equals a run scored – so you’re giving our country a double whammy benefit when you buy New Zealand rather than from another country or an importer. We can be proud of the quality of our products.

The Buy New Zealand campaign began in 1988. Its emphasis has shifted over the years, but the basic aim of encouraging consumers and organisations to buy New Zealand goods and services wherever possible has not changed.

Management Changes at Wireplus

Wireplus are pleased to announce the appointment of our new manager Ryk Kleynhans. Ryk has an extensive management background in manufacturing businesses and officially took over the role on the 1st November 2010. Over the next few months Ryk will endeavour to meet with customers and suppliers to become familiar with your business and understand how Wireplus can continue to work with you. We also farewell Bob Jacobson who has been involved with the business for 17 years. Bob will be mixing retirement with a bit of project work across the United Group companies.

Colleen Dicks Rebuild

Colleen Dicks Rebuild

Wireplus Ltd became a sponsor of Colleen Dicks Rebuild, Supplying Reinforcing Mesh, Bar Chairs, Reinforcing Rod and Black Polythene for the concrete slab.

In mid 2009 Colleen Dicks home was demolished by Gabo Demolition. It had suffered from serious moisture ingress and the resulting damage had got to a point where the only viable option was to bowl the house and start again. Although Colleen was successful in her legal claim against various parties, after she paid all her lawyers and expert fees she did not have enough money to rebuild her home.

Follow her progress here or Facebook Project page