Holding Wellington's Slopes Together

Holding Wellington's Slopes Together

Reinforcing Bar & Mesh Stabilising Slopes

Mar 3, 2021


The Geovert team have done extensive work stabilising slopes alongside major roading projects in the Wellington Region

Wellington is in a seismically active area, with highly fractured ground conditions and multiple fault/thrust zones.

Shotcrete retaining walls are constructed to support the slope. Firstly, anchors are drilled deep into the slope, which is then overlaid with mesh and finally shotcrete is sprayed on the surface. The mesh provides additional strength to the wall and holds it all together!


United Steel was pleased to be able to supply multiple sheets of 665 Galvanised mesh and Galvanised Reid Bar to Geovert for work along SH58, which is providing those in the Wellington region with safer and more reliable travel.

GeoVert have also provided slope stabilisation for many other projects in the Wellington Area. Recently, United Steel supplied mesh and bar to stablise the slope behind the Tyndall Rise townhouse development in Tyndall St, Lower Hutt.

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