20th Birthday - United Steel Christchurch

20th Birthday - United Steel Christchurch

Continuing the responsive down to earth service born from our humble beginnings

Oct 22, 2020

Our Christchurch branch is 20 years old this month.

Over 20 years we have seen much growth, business name changes, great customers and staff.

Back when it all started, we were known as WirePlus and shared a site in Moncur Pl, Addington, with our Sister company Reofab.

At that time we specialised in the supply of reinforcing mesh & bar, and focused on providing our customers with quality product with easy straight-forward responsive service.

Then in 2003, with the growth in our business and the opportunities emerging in structural steel, we started SteelPlus and moved to our current site at 22 McAlpine St

OldBrandOnBuilding OldSteelPlusCar

We quickly grew out of our original building and in 2006 we added additional warehousing for our ever-growing steel range.

The earthquakes, which followed, provided both our staff and customers with there fair share of challenges. We all met these challenges, and resulting changes to the industry, head on. This included providing the industry with new types of compliant mesh.

In the years that followed, we renamed the business to United Steel and Reofab moved to their current premises in Columbia Ave, Hornby.



Underlying what we do at the Christchurch Branch is the sense of satisfaction we get from seeing our contribution to NZ’s built environment, the construction industry and our customer’s success.

This satisfaction also comes from our team’s desire to see our customers benefit from their technical know-how, years of industry experience, industry understanding, and commitment to providing compliant product.

We have learned much from the last 20 years and, if the last 12 months are anything to go by, further adaption will be required so we can provide United Steel’s same old easy down to earth service for the next 20 years.

For more information about how we can bring added value to your project, contact our specialists on 0800 800 649

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