United Steel Auckland Upskills

United Steel Auckland Upskills

Leadership & communications course builds lifelong skills for United Steel Auckland team members.

Aug 19, 2022

  Over the last 11 months, nine staff from United Steel’s two Auckland sites have successfully completed a course run by Edvance Workplace Training that focus on workplace communication skills, team leadership, and self-management. This was achieved whilst juggling the disruptions presented by Covid-19, which meant most of the course was moved from the classroom to online.

The confidence gained from completing the programme has helped empower the team to utilise the new skills gained in to their day-to-day roles, which has also helped them to feel more engaged with the wider business.

United Steel is proud to benefit from having a diverse team who come from different backgrounds, and the strategies introduced during the course have strengthened communication skills and cultural awareness to ensure everyone feels that they have a voice and can contribute.

A big congrats to Whitney, Tusa, Tavita, Sokalati, Paris, Maira, Ken, Jane and Myles on their achievement, and thanks to Edvance Workplace Training for being committed to running a fantastic course whilst having to adapt to disruptions caused by the pandemic!

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