Innovation with Steel

Innovation with Steel

Innovative solutions to unique problems

Oct 16, 2020


Nigel Beck started B-Spec Engineering in 2006, with the view that creative engineered solutions are designed and not simply made.

Nigel comes from a long line of engineers and was taught to weld by his father. Nigel has a passion for motorsports, which used to involve racing cars in the weekend, but he is now getting his adrenaline fix on two wheels. His cousin Peter is sending his engineered solutions into space.

B-Spec undertake a range of custom engineering work that includes roll cage design & development, bespoke product, and custom wheelchair parts. They also have a number of their own products, which include the Moto Yak motorised mountain-bike and the Adventure Off-road Camp Trailer.


The B-Spec Adventure Off-road Camp Trailer is built to last and make those off-road camping adventures more comfortable & fun. Check-out the photos of the Off-Road Trailer, and Nigel’s other work, on the B-Spec website.

Nigel likes the value & ease of use when it comes to ordering steel from United Steel – just order & you can trust it turns up.

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