New Product - Quick Panel

New Product - Quick Panel

Find yourself doing a few more quick jobs around home lately?

Aug 27, 2020


We have introduced our new QuickPanel™.

These mesh panels are ideal for those DIY jobs around the home, or even more creative projects.

The sheet size is 1.960mm x .970mm, this combined with the flush edges means that you can easily transport it without damaging your vehicle, or yourself! 

Use these wire mesh panels for non-structural applications, such as:

  • Perfect for growing plants up – nail it to the fence or use in conjunction with our Y-Posts to run the beans up this spring
  • Get creative with it and hang tools in the garage, or create a living wall with pot plants
  • Use with treated timber to create a DIY fence or trellis.
  • Remedial work

See our product page for the full specification 

Ask for it at trade supply merchants

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