Mesh Standards Change Effective 1st August 2011

Mesh Standards Change Effective 1st August 2011

Aug 25, 2011

Wireplus Ltd Continues Proactive New Product Development to Ensure Customers can Meet the New Standards

Wire mesh that meets the Department of Building & Housing’s new Earthquake B1 Compliance standard is now available from Wireplus Ltd in both Christchurch & Auckland.

Effective 1st August 2011 the Department of Building and Housing has introduced changes to key Building Code documents dealing with Structure (Code clause B1).

The changes take effect on 1 August 2011, with a transition period through to 31 January 2012. During the transition period there will be two Acceptable Solutions or Verification Methods - the old document and the revised one. From 1 February 2012 only the new versions apply.

During the transition period non ductile mesh can continue to be used outside of Canterbury. Within Canterbury ductile mesh must be used.

Wireplus Ltd received official approval from the department for their Wireplus Ltd Ductile C200 Mesh during June 2011 – only three weeks after the interim standard for Canterbury was published. The new standard announced on 1 August applies to domestic buildings and is aimed at safeguarding people from injury, loss of amenities and loss of property due to structural failure. To achieve this, buildings, building elements and site work must have low probability of rupturing, becoming unstable or collapsing.

Wireplus Ltd Ductile C200 Mesh is significantly more flexible than earlier products. The mesh can withstand exceptional levels of stretching without breaking. This means the concrete slabs reinforced by this mesh are less likely to break, crumble or collapse under stresses such as those experienced during earthquakes. Additionally the size of the sheet is designed for ease of handling on a building site as Wireplus Ltd has tried to diminish the OH&S risks associated with heavy lifting on domestic building sites where labour is at a minimum.

“We developed the new product specifically to meet current needs in Canterbury,” says Matthew Sutherland, branch manager of Wireplus Ltd Christchurch. “As expected the mesh must now be used in any area of New Zealand from 1st February 2012.”

“The key thing with the new ductile mesh grades is they are significantly less likely to snap” says Sutherland. Wireplus Ltd had their new ductile mesh independently tested by SAI Global, and it meets or exceeds the requirements of the new building standard in all respects of the interim standard.

“For builders and home owners using Wireplus Ltd Ductile C200 Mesh, it means peace of mind that they comply with the latest building standards and the structure is able to withstand even the exceptional stresses associated with earthquakes.”

In order to be able to meet the new standards effective from 1st February 2011 Wireplus Ltd continues to run extensive in house trials on Grade 500E. “Our in house trials are progressing week by week and we are confident our technical expertise will enable us to meet the new standard by the 1st February 2012” says Ryk Kleynhans manager of Wireplus Ltd Auckland, the group’s largest manufacturing site. “Our customers can be assured mesh supplied from Wireplus Ltd will always meet the required NZ standards. Wireplus Ltd has a proven internal technical capability and has been manufacturing and supplying mesh to the New Zealand for over 20 years.”

For full details consult the Department’s Guidance on Reinforcement for Concrete slabs-on-ground which can be downloaded from www.dbh.govt.nz/earthquake-concrete-slabs-guidance

For more information about Wireplus Ductile C200 Mesh, contact:

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