Chequer Plate

Chequer Plate

United Steel stocks and distributes a variety of sizes and gauges(thickness) of chequer plate to the Engineering and Construction Industry.
  • Sizes of chequer plate stocked range from sheet sizes 2400mmx1200mm up to 3600mmx1500mm and range from 3mm up to 10mm
  • Other sizes than those shown above are available upon request
All Chequer Plate distributed by Steelplus Ltd complies with NZ/Australian 3678 �V 250/350 and Japan,Taiwan,Korean & Chinese JIS G3101-SS400 Standards. Chequer Plate or as it is sometimes called, Treadplate, is used widely in the Construction sector for stair treads and walkways and is also used in the Automotive and Agricultural sectors.
Chequer Plate Kg / Sq Metre Sheets / Tonne Kg / Sheet
78.5 4.31 226.08
78.5 2.3 423.9
24.02 14.4 69.178
40.03 4.6 216.162
48.04 7.3 138.355

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