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United Steel is a member of the United Industries Ltd Group of Companies that have served New Zealand well for over 20 years. The group is privately owned and is proud to serve the New Zealand and Pacific region. United Steel distributes steel products, sourced from a network of Australasia's and South East Asia's leading steel producers, from branches in Auckland, Hastings, New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch.

United Steel supplies sections, beams, channels, plates, pipes, RHS , and structural steel destined to form the backbone of many of the country's major engineering and construction projects. United Steel recognizes that in a changing world it is reliability and relationships that last, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to those principles. We trust that you value relationships as much as we do and we look forward to being of service to you.

For more information about how we can bring added value to your project, contact our specialists on 0800 800 649

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