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Ductile Mesh

* Next generation Ductile PLUS500E Mesh

* Designed to meet The Department of Building & Housing (DBH) new B1 Compliance standard, with equivalent mass to 2.27kg/m2.

* Sheets individually tagged and Test certificates available.

* Independently tested to ensure compliance to NZS 4671 Ductility 500E standards.

* 300mm Bar spacing for easy "Step Through" while placing and working on site, using the 73plus range

* Easy lapping with Double Edge Configuration, using the 73plus range

* Designed with Ductility to Minimum 10%

* Minimum Yield strength 500 MPA

Ductile Mesh Sheet Size Wire Size Sheet Weight Centre Width Nett Coverage
5050 x 2020mm 6.1mm 24.7kg 200mm centres 8.310m2
6050 x 2420mm 6.1mm 35.25kg 200mm centres 12.363m2
5000 x 2270mm 7.5mm 29.1kg 300mm centres 10.080m2
7100 x 2270mm 7.5mm 40.6kg 300mm centres 14.490m2
6400 x 2370mm 7mm 48.5kg 200mm centres 13.640m2
6800 x 2270mm 9mm 54.9kg 300mm centres 13.860m2
6400 x 2370mm 8mm 61.8kg 200mm centres 13.640m2
6400 x 2370mm 9mm 78.1kg 200mm centres 13.640m2